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What is a cookie?
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Cookies can be either essential, session-persistent or third-party cookies.

How we use cookies
Our website use cookies, which we save on your computer or mobile device to be able to recognize you and provide you with services like remembering your name, your preferences, process the shopping basket, payment, shipping and track how you use our site, this helps us to ensure that our site is working correctly, improve your experience and our services. We only use the cookies which we deem necessary to conduct business, run the website, provide service, or comply with code and law enforcement. We register your IP address from which purchases are made, we do not usually use this information directly, but it can be used in the event of a police investigation.

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All charges are encrypted through Stripe payment systems, Stripe utilizes cookies and encrypted tokens and is approved and certified by PBS, we do not at any point see or handle your actual credit card information. The store system uses cookies to control the contents of the shopping cart, and payment gateways, it is also possible to ask Stripe to save your name and address information for the next time you want to use Stripe to check out. We use Stripe Radar to detect fraud, all fraudulent activity detected on our site will be reported to the proper authorities.

A Cookie is not a program and does not have viruses, all cookies are automatically deleted after 90 days.

B2B account holders see B2B cookie Policy under B2B General Terms and Conditions of Sale. We use cookies for the functionality of the ”My account” page, including the dashboard and remembering you, deleting these cookies will interrupt the functions and services available to you, these cookies remain active for the duration of your account. Long-term Inactive accounts are subject to deletion, but we will always attempt to contact you beforehand.

What kind of cookies do we use?
There are different types of and categories of cookies, some are used for essential and technical purposes, others for statistics or marketing. Ad we use both ”persistent” and ”session cookies”, third-party cookies are unavoidable and out of our control.

  • Session cookies: Cookies that expire when you close your browser (or if you have been inactive for a certain time) They are used in conjunction with e-commerce for example; so that you can continue to browse without losing what you have put into your shopping basket, check out etc.  
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  • Third-party cookies are cookies installed by Third-party websites, (hence their name) such as advertisers, etc. They gather data about your browsing habits and allow them to track you across multiple websites. Examples are Google, Facebook and similar, we do have no control over third-party cookies. 

Here is the link to the Danish erhvervsstyrelsen (department of business) for more information on cookies.

Here is how you get rid of cookies.
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If your device is not listed, please google ”how to delete cookies on ________ (enter the name of your device)” and several links to instructions on how to delete cookies will appear in your search results, choose one of the options and follow the instructions.

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Last Updated: May 27, 2018